Tooling Maintenance

Expert Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Unittool Performance

To optimize the performance of the Unittool Tooling System, we recommend the following tool maintenance procedures:

  • Sharpen punches and dies frequently.
  • Lubricate internal components during normal tool maintenance and at intervals during punching operations.
  • Replace worn components such as springs and retainers as required.

Lubrication & Assembly:

1: Disassemble unit. Clean and inspect internal components.

2: Externally lubricate outside diameter of guide body. Type GN metal assembly paste or die grease is recommended.

3: Reassembly of Unittool unit. Place conical lifter spring over outside of guide body.

4: Reassemble guide body with lifter spring into holder guide bore.

5: Align guide flat with retainer flat in holder.

6: Secure retainer and guide with fastener.

7: Insert punch body into stripping spring.

8: Externally lubricate punch body with Molykote GN metal assembly paste.

9: Align punch flat with retainer pin hole in guide. Insert punch retainer pin.

10: Tighten die fastener with hex key wrench.

11: Check pilot pin die adapter fastener, securing it to holder.

12: Wipe all debris from bottom of unit machine surface before mounting.



Frequent sharpening will extend your tool life, lower the press tonnage you need and produce higher quality holes.  Tools not sharpened at the proper time demand additional pressure on the cutting edges which will deteriorate more and more rapidly. This in turn will decrease the hole quality and the quantity of holes that can be produced by that punch or die. Therefore, frequent sharpening is by far the least expensive way to produce consistent high quality holes. Unittool recommends a surface grinder and vee block for quick tooling maintenance. Dies that have been sharpened in the field may need to be shimmed to sustain uniform die height.
Regular maintenance is crucial for optimizing the performance of the Unittool Tooling System. This includes frequent sharpening of punches and dies and lubricating internal components, ensuring longevity and high-quality hole production!